5 reasons you need Turkish towels this summer

As we brush off the winter cobwebs, beach trips, picnics and days by the pool feel like they’re tantalisingly within reach. But between swimsuits, snacks for the whole gang, beach balls, buckets and beverages, your beach bag will be full to bursting! That’s where Turkish towels come in. The conventional towel’s lighter, quick-drying cousin, Turkish towels are a must-have for beachgoers this summer. Here are five reasons to snap some up ASAP.

1. Bright, bold colours
Gone are the days when you’d choose from a selection of tatty, threadbare ‘beach towels’ on a sunny day. These days, Turkish towels are hand-woven in the most vibrant, eye-popping colours. Choose a matched set for your kids or the perfect towel to go with your new togs. Our large beach towels come in the traditional rectangle as well as round if you’re looking for something different.  

2. Quick drying
Drying a sodden, sandy beach towel halfway through the day is a thing of the past. Turkish towels will dry in the sun in the time it takes you to grab an ice cream or go for a dip. This also makes them ideal for travelling — they’ll dry super quickly on the line and be ready to pop back in your luggage.

3. Lightweight
Thanks to their fine weave and long, strong cotton, Turkish towels are super lightweight. Which means that switching to Turkish will free up space in your linen cupboard and your beach bag this summer. Not only that, they’re great for the gym, a yoga class or a trip to the splash pad. 

4. Super absorbent
You might think that Turkish towels, being so lightweight, won’t absorb much water. Actually, Turkish towels are super absorbent and soft. And the best news is, they get even fluffier and more water-hungry the more you wash them.

5. Versatile
Turkish towels are versatile, too. They can be used as a picnic blanket, a shawl, tablecloth, or beach blanket. When evening comes, toss your Turkish towel over your shoulders as the temperature drops.

Jump on board!

Miss April towels are made by family-owned businesses in Turkey, using hand looms and weaving techniques. They’re made using long, strong cotton, that just gets better with time. We’d love to see your towels in the wild! Tag us in your happy snaps this summer @missapriltowels.





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