We’re all set for the summer of 2021 and looking forward to lots of long beach days. But getting caught out without the essentials can be..well…no day at the beach. Looking to enjoy maximum chill time this summer? Check out our favourite beach accessories.

Pack it up

A beach bag is the glue that holds your day together. It needs to be something that you’re not too precious about — drips of sunscreen, (what seems like) kilos of sand, and ocean treasures will inevitably make their way inside. Project 10 sells a beautiful range of recycled plastic totes, in a variety of styles, colours and sizes! These roomy tote bags (bonus points for pockets!) can be found over at


When it comes to beach season, this is the only true essential. Whether you’ve got dry to oily skin, there’s a sunscreen that is right for you. Don’t forget, people with all skin tones need to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn, skin cancer and signs of aging.

Don’t like the grease factor? There are plenty of non-greasy options. And for those who prefer natural ingredients, you can pick up some zinc to protect your skin without the nasties. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the sunscreen this summer!

Check out the Watermelon and Tropical Scented Sunscreen from our Aussie mates over at Locals Only Sunscreen! They’ve created an SPF that uses reef-friendly ingredients, is safe to put on your skin, and smells incredible. Check them out at


There are a squillion options for water bottles these days. Whether you’re a stainless steel sista or a glass gal, there’s no reason to rely on single-use plastic to stay hydrated this summer. Getting enough water is key at the beach — the combined effects of sun and salt can leave you perfectly parched if you’re not careful.

Double down on refreshment by freezing your water bottle overnight — it’ll stay cool all day and can also double as a freezer block to keep your snacks fresh.

The team over at BBBYO have created water bottles that last a lifetime, using recycled, upcycled and sustainable materials. Perfect as beautiful, responsible gifts for friends and family, or as a treat for yourself, you can purchase them online at

Beach shelter

Corral your gear and protect your skin with a portable beach shelter. The Cancer Council recommends a tent or umbrella that offers UPF 50+ protection between swims. From pop-up tents to stylish canvas, there are options to suit every style and budget. And they usually pack down neatly into a bag for easy transport.

Just be sure to practice setting up and dismantling your tent or umbrella before you hit the beach — some of them can be a bit tricky, especially in the wind!

Our personal favs are the gorgeous umbrellas from the team at Sunday Supply Co. They have created an exclusive selection of boutique beach essentials designed for an endless Summer. You can view their range online at

Turkish towels

When it comes to lightweight style, you can’t go wrong with turkish towels for your beach trip. They’re quick-drying, super soft, and come in heaps of gorgeous colours. When the sun goes down or the wind whips up, Turkish towels can double as a wrap or cover up.

Miss April towels are made by family-owned businesses in Turkey, using hand looms and weaving techniques.

Our fav towel of all time is the Bora Bora Turkish Towel in Yellow + Blue – find it here – you’ll definitely have the brightest towel on the beach!

We love to see our towels in the wild! Tag us @missapriltowels on Instagram to get in on the fun.

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