Is your bathroom looking a little tired? Want to give this sacred space a spruce-up? Read on for some inspiration on how to brighten up one of the most-used rooms in your house without breaking the bank.

Assess the blank canvas

Your first job is to create a blank canvas. Clear all the clutter from the bench, scrub out the shower, throw all the towels and bathmats in the laundry, mop the floor. Once it’s sparkling, take a look at the empty space. If it’s pretty monochromatic, then you’re onto a winner – you can head in any direction you choose when it comes to adding pops of colour. If you’re stuck with some brown tiles from the ‘70s, then you’re a little more constrained in your options – but don’t despair, you’ve still got some great options for brightening the room up.

Choose a colour scheme

If there’s a colour you love, then embrace it! Your first stop is Pinterest. Search up ‘yellow bathrooms’ and you’ll get served a smorgasbord of ideas. Sure, retiling the entire room may be beyond the budget. But maybe you could consider a splash of paint on the vanity unit, or at the very least some beautiful yellow towels or a bold bath mat. Don’t forget the accessories – source soap dishes, pot plant holders and more in your fave colour scheme to brighten things up.

Go green

Another easy way to brighten up your bathroom is by adding some greenery of the living kind. Depending on how much light pours into the room, you could try some ferns or a fiddle leaf fig. Indoor plants can be fickle, so a little trial and error may be needed to find the best plant for your space.

Give old tiles a facelift 

Sick of staring at those brown tiles but can’t afford to replace them? Pop down to the local hardware and buy a tin of white tile paint. Sure, it takes a little effort to paint the tiles in a bathroom but it’s definitely a lot cheaper than ripping them out – and the effect can be transformational. Once those dark tiles are bright and light, you can start experimenting with gorgeous colours, like our ever-popular multi-coloured pom pom towels.

Want more inspo? 

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