Bye-Bye Mould! Simple Hacks for Refreshing Your Towels and Say Goodbye to Mouldy Mess

Bye-Bye Mould! Simple Hacks for Refreshing Your Towels and Say Goodbye to Mouldy Mess
Tired of dealing with mouldy mess in your towels? It's time to get rid of it for good! Mould and mildew can develop in wet towels and clothes quickly, making it difficult to keep your home looking and feeling fresh. But don't worry - there are some simple hacks that you can use to refresh your towels and banish the mould and mildew from your home. Continue reading

Caring for Turkish Towels 101: Expert Advice to Keep Your Towels Looking Like New

Caring for Turkish Towels 101: Expert Advice to Keep Your Towels Looking Like New
Are you wondering how to care for Turkish towels? If so, you've come to the right place! Here you'll find all the expert advice you need to keep your towels looking like new. Turkish towels are well-known for their superior absorbency and softness, but they require a bit of extra care in order to make them last. Follow our simple tips for how to make towels last and you'll have beautiful Turkish towels for years to come. Continue reading

Get the look: coastal cool bathroom

Get the look: coastal cool bathroom

So you’re renovating your bathroom and you’d love to capture that cool, casual, coastal vibe. The one that harkens back to sand in your toes, lazy days by the beach and the laid back family time that we all love. Here are a few tips to help you bring the coastal cool into your bathroom.

Colour scheme

When it comes to cool coastal, you can’t go past blue, sea green, white and cream. We suggest using white or cream as your main colour and layering in some fun accessories to get the look you’re after. A feature tile, cabinet colour, or even ceiling colour can add a tonne of interest — though they’re a much bigger commitment than a feature paint choice.


Nothing says coastal like timber, bamboo, or natural stone. Keep your basins white, softly curved and with chrome or stainless steel tapware. Timber-look tiles on the floor (we love the white-washed look!) can make you feel like you’re steps away from the beach — even if you’re in the city.

Style your bathroom with timber or bamboo accessories, like a stool, shower caddy, toothbrush holder or soapdish. And don’t forget driftwood! Get your hands on some lovely driftwood wall art or accessories to take the look up a notch.

On the walls

A unique shiplap wall treatment is coastal to the max! Thanks to the wood needed to make this look happen, it’s a better choice for powder rooms than shower rooms. If you’re wanting to take the coastal cool vibe into your family bathroom, why not choose a fun fish scale tile, or a nautical or whale-themed wallpaper?


Take your bathroom from beach shack to spa retreat by choosing the right linens. For something extra soft and special, our pale blue Pompom Turkish towel will fit right into your cool coastal decor. Pair it with our matching hand towels to complete the look. Another great option is the Pompom Turkish towel in Natural, which can be paired with the matching hand towels, of course.

Our Malta or Stonewashed Turkish towels are another perfect way to embody chilled out, coastal cool in your bathroom. Super absorbent and fast-drying, they’re super durable as well as being eco friendly.

Create your sanctuary

Whatever your style, the most important thing is to choose well-made items that make you feel good. They’ll stand the test of time and make you feel great as you get ready to face the day. We’d love to see what you’ve done with your bathroom! Follow us on Instagram @missapriltowels to get in on the fun!

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17 ways to use your Turkish towel

17 ways to use your Turkish towel

Turkish towels are renowned for their lightweight versatility. We know they’re great by the pool, but here are 17 other ways you can use your Miss April Turkish towels.

For your baby

Stroller cover: Protect your babe from the sun in style by hanging a Turkish towel over their pram or stroller.

Naptime coverlet: For older bubs, a Turkish towel will keep them cool (and still covered up) during naptime.

Trolley cover: Let’s face it — shopping trolleys are gross. Pop a Turkish towel in there to keep your little one comfy (and germ free!).

Picnic blanket: Lightweight and easy to pop into your nappy bag, Turkish towels are perfect for impromptu picnics.

In the home

Table cloth: Introduce some colour into your tablescape.

Bed scarf: Bet you didn’t know that the linen at the end of your bed is called a bed scarf, did you? Turkish towels make a great one because they’re surprisingly cozy for nights when you need just a tiny bit more warmth.

Headboard decor: Sling a Miss April Turkish towel over your bed head for a totally new look.

Wall hanging: Just moved out of home? One of our round or rectangular Turkish towels can make a lovely wall hanging for your new digs.

Throw: Change up the look of your living room with a Turkish towel throw. They brighten up any space and can also be used as a TV blanket.

Hair towel: Looking to dry your hair without the frizz? Curly girls in particular will love Turkish towels — they absorb just the right amount of water and they won’t strain your neck.  

Privacy screen: Your Turkish towel can be used to delineate spaces or even as a window covering in a pinch.

Out and about

Gym bag: A Turkish towel makes a light, absorbent, useful addition to your gym bag.

Camping towel: Thanks to their quick-drying properties, Turkish towels are ideal for camping. Plus, they take up hardly any space in your bag!

Yoga mat cover: Useful during your yoga practice and for wiping your mat afterwards, a Turkish towel is a handy thing to take along to your favourite class.

Plane blankie: It’s freezing on planes! Pop your towel into your carry-on bag to stay comfy during flight.

Sarong: There are so many different ways to tie your Turkish towel during a day at the beach. Try a different one each week.

Scarf: When summer is over, you can still make use of your Turkish towel — pop it around your neck for a snug addition to any cool-weather outfit.

Miss April towels are made by family-owned businesses in Turkey, using hand looms and weaving techniques. They’re made using long, strong cotton, that just gets better with time. We’d love to see your towels in the wild, so tag us @missapriltowels in your happy snaps!

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